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  • Frosty: this is all for shits and giggles but it has a lot of good points: [link]
    Today at 04:38:23 pm
  • Gorebag: Nice!
    Today at 04:31:39 pm
  • Zeroimperial: a player experiance in Elite : dangerous [link]
    Today at 03:05:03 pm
  • Firemane: @ndy I respect your opinion, but i didn't mean that you are one of them, and for that i apology.
    Today at 03:00:12 pm
  • ndy: @firemane that got a bit heated I see. This is my opinion among many others. I respect your opinion but you should also respect mine. A bit uncalled for saying that I am among people with mental issues though. Which yes I do have.
    Today at 01:25:33 pm
  • Gorebag: Man, we need like an automated system to make thread every time certain words are shouted too much XD
    Today at 12:51:09 pm
  • RedCat: Stop this useless discussion please. It's unconstructive, not based on any facts and annoying to say the least. If you guys want to further discuss it go somewhere else but not on this forum.
    Today at 12:35:26 pm
  • Erikoismies: Okay, that was my bad. Anyways, the second part of my message was still correct. THE law is forcing you to go to jail. "The law" is pretty fucked up imo. For example, lets think the law in nazi Germany? The law is made up by politicians for politicians end. They don't know, or just completely ignore what is good or bad.
    Today at 12:16:06 pm
  • Erikoismies: ...Conspiracy between violence in games and cheap prison labor? Man, what the hell are you talking about? I didn't say ANYTHING about violence in games, I dont think there is a correlation. "No one is forcing you to go to jail." You DO realize how retarded that sounds right? Because people are just soooo eager to get in jails.
    Today at 12:10:54 pm
  • Frosty: again
    Today at 11:31:37 am
  • Frosty: in the meantime I will laugh at ubisoft for being incompetent: [link]
    Today at 11:31:30 am
  • Frosty: you guys should start a thread and discuss this
    Today at 11:31:13 am
  • Gorebag: Jesus man, SHUT UP about the conspiracy shit. There is no correlation between violence in games and cheap prison labor. No one is forcing people to go to jail. Hope you aren't serious.
    Today at 11:14:51 am
  • Firemane: @ndy So it's ok to kill innocent people in GTA but not in Hatred? Why? in both games they are just bits and bytes, even if they beg for their life. it's just entertainment, like movies. And if the psychological aspect of the games is so big deal then why there isn't any big fuss about Enemy Within or upcoming Until Dawn game for example, both are gory games and highly psychological. And all in my life i haven't been encouraged going in rampage after playing games that haves violence, that is just an excuse for people who don't have the balls to admit their own faults or mental issues.
    Today at 03:30:09 am
  • CarelessJuice: A video game that encourages people to kill and eventually end up in jail for cheap labor.. coincidence?
    Today at 02:01:37 am
  • ndy: @Firemane because it encourages going on a rampage killing innocent people in the most brutal way possible while they are begging for their life. Which makes it also psychological. That is why it sickens me. In for example GTA its like killing ragdolls with no emotional impact what so ever.
    Today at 12:17:00 am
  • Gorebag: Well, seems like you can't kill kids in Hatred. Guess that's still too taboo. The game also takes killing a lot more seriously than games like GTA and Postal 2. To me, it's like a more bland version of Manhunt, which also shouldn't be censored.
    December 17, 2014, 11:45:04 pm
  • Gorebag: Anyway, I think it's great they put it back on steam for the reasons TB said in his video about it. The game looks shit, but censorship is bad.
    December 17, 2014, 11:42:16 pm
  • Gorebag: Yep, GOTY. But seriously, I think it's a lame game because the point is to kill innocent people. In GTA the point isn't to do that. It's a sandbox game, so you can do it if you want, and get the cops on you, but in Hatred the whole point is to kill people, and do it in more gory ways than in GTA.
    December 17, 2014, 11:41:38 pm
  • Frosty: stop being a bunch of pussies, it's going to be GOTY, guaranteed
    December 17, 2014, 10:30:43 pm


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xxSupraball Event Take 2

June 21, 2014, 12:51:47 pm by Frosty | Views: 1177 | Comments: 4

We'll be holding another Supraball event tomorrow. If you're unfamiliar with it it's basically Death Ball from UT: played in first person, 2 teams, objective is to score goals and stop the opposition from doing so by incapacitating them. So lets have some fun :)

You can download the game here, it's free: http://www.supraball.net/

Please reply to this topic if you are joining!

Event will be held tomorrow at 20:00 CET:

xxVersus SoV

June 05, 2014, 10:07:38 am by RedCat | Views: 1332 | Comments: 23

Please note this event is at 19:00 and not at 20:00!

Please reply to this topic if you are joining this event.

We plan on playing against ourselves and we need 10 people for this. First one to sign up are the first ones to join. If you sign up after 10 people have already signed up we will replace you on the second match.


May 27, 2014, 11:32:09 pm by RedCat | Views: 411 | Comments: 3

I regret to inform we will be shutting down the Minecraft server and we'll also be shutting down the CS:GO and TF2 servers. All of these servers simply do not have enough players for us to keep them up and running and they cost a lot of money.

In a continued effort to better the community as a whole, we will be moving towards an VPS solution which is about 12 times cheaper. The move will occur on the 5th of June. The website and teamspeak might go down for a couple of hours at that time. We are confident this wont affect the speed of the website or cause any issues with teamspeak.

We have also cut down on staff and Penassa and Nevyn are now members, I can't thank them enough for their efforts and hope to see them back on staff once we grow.

Despite this downgrade, the community is doing well. Our application count is up, member activity is up and we will continue to recruit in H1Z1, host monthly events and things will continue as normal.

As always if you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to ask me or Frosty.

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