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  • Gorebag: Haha, someone was dead certain I was hacking in Titanfall because I got 22/1 while he got 1/10 :D I was camping a domination point with few entrances with echo vision (wallhack ability). [link]
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  • RedCat: what she said
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  • Frosty: recruits are still expected t oact maturely, if not we can kick them
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  • Frosty: Getting more people in SoV in preparation for H1Z1
    April 22, 2014, 12:18:42 pm
  • Pehe: Soo... any perticular reason why the age requirement is lowerd to 16? Just cuorious, don't really care.
    April 22, 2014, 11:59:13 am
  • RedCat: If you have a Reddit account please upvote this so others can see [link]
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  • RedCat: we'll make full use of it whenever it launches
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xxH1Z1 Adventure time!

April 21, 2014, 11:49:42 pm by RedCat | Views: 218 | Comments: 26

Don't forget to join our Team Fortress 2 event this Sunday.
Click here for more info!

H1Z1 will be released on Steam in the early access section in about 4 weeks from now (best estimate is the end of May) and we plan on doing something interesting with it, I'm sure you all enjoy.

If you are not familiar with the Survival MMO genre this will be even better since the experience is something completely unique from any other game - and we're going to make it even better with our own system.

Some who have been with SoV for a long time might remember Ultramar's epic death, this was just one of the many moments we had in Dayz Mod which were heart raising. Other includes Rei crawling 5 kilometers to get medical supplies, finding heavily guarded player camps and attacking them, getting parts to repair a vehicle only to have it being shot at by other players, Frosty getting "healed", being hunted by a sniper in a ghillie suit taking us out one by one and many more intense moment which can only happen in a game like this.

Why should you be excited for H1Z1?
- It is made by SOE who have had a really good track record for the last few years.
- The game runs on a proper engine with support for thousands of players.
- All the basic elements which make a Zombie Surival game actually work unlike other games which are out right now.
- They want to make this a hardcore survival game but understand that it has to remain fun.
- It will be free 2 play (though you will have to pay $20 for early access).
- It has a deep crafting system including building fortresses (clan bases).
- No skills or leveling system, you can do anything you want.

Some planned features they talked about:
- The map is huge and they plan on expanding it more and more eventually leading up to a thousand player map (perhaps more).
- Custom servers (players can vote on what kind of servers they want).
- Character and weapon customization.
- Zombie hordes.
- Free look while running around (being able to turn your head a bit left and right while running forward to see whats around you).
- Close to real life bullet physics, but it will make sense for a game.
- Just like PlanetSide 2 you will be able to model your own creations and get them into the game.
- Defenses for fortresses such as barricades.
- Trading system.
- Weather system.
... and much more. Information is a bit scattered all over the place right now and some of the features above might already be in the game.

So what is SoV going to do with H1Z1?
When we last played DayZ Mod we ended up with large groups of 6-8 players (sometimes more) it was very unorganized and communication was unclear a lot of times with members panicking when getting into a situation.

This time we want to do it properly, almost like we did in PlanetSide 2 but with much more flexibility.

Our goal:
Will be to either create a base or assign a building as our base. Then our goal will be to defend that base while maintaining as much map control as possible. We will play casually but when a situation occurs (such as running into an enemy group) we will expect you to "flip a switch" and go into serious mode .

How do we achieve this?
- We will create groups of 4 in-game.
    - We feel this is the best number, it's not too much players and not too less either.
    - This will also allow the group to split up in 2, so that surrounding a building is very easily done.

- Each group will have a leader. The leader role is there purely to talk to other group leaders to coordinate raids on bases, request help when in distress and more.
    - Leader talk will be strict as to not distract other groups who might be in a fire-fight.
    - We will have a few simple commands such as "clear comms" to kill any chatter when the group needs to focus in a firefight.

- Each group will do their own thing, which can be anything they want to do or it could be something they've been assigned to to help the group at large, think of:
    - Gathering medical supplies.
    - Fortifying our base.
    - Scavenging for weapons.
    - Reconnaissance in order to locate enemy bases.
    - Responding to another groups distress call.
    - Gathering tools & equipment to build a vehicle.
    - ....and anything else you can think of.

You will be part of a large group which consists out of smaller groups all working towards the same goal. To dominate any enemies and maintain control of the map while defending our home base. Each group and group member will be useful and contribute in some way to the larger group at hand.

Sounds fun?

Let us know in this topic if you want to be part of this!

If you want to start your own group, for example a team of only recons/snipers which entire goal it is to shadow another group and protect them or a group which helps new players and gives them supplies (so we can have a decent fight with them later!) you can do that too. Just let us know!

xxOm nom nom, hats!

April 20, 2014, 11:44:40 pm by RedCat | Views: 99 | Comments: 4

In an order to continue doing community events we are hosting a Team Fortress 2 event on Sunday the 27th of April at the following time:

To get Team Fortress 2 you will need to download Steam, after installing you will need to make a Steam account and download Team Fortress 2 from the free to play section on the store page. You can add me as a friend, and I will send you an invite when the event starts.

Please reply to this topic if you are joining this event.

xxBattlefield 3 Evening

April 14, 2014, 06:31:00 pm by JointNevyn | Views: 148 | Comments: 9

-Battlefield 3 Evening-
Tomorrow night will be a BF 3 event! Just a nice evening of playing BF 3, TerranRedGuard came up with this idea and since we have quite a few BF players it seemed like a nice one to kick things off. Don't forget to download it!

-Time & date-
Tuesday 15th of April 20:00 CEST

Feel free to discuss the event in this topic

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